North America is home to thousands of fly species; approximately 16,000. The life span of a fly can last from one week up to 60 days; This really depends on the species you are dealing with.

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While flies are annoying they can also pose a health risk so give us a call to see how we can help!

Every state will experience this particular pest aside from the polar ice caps. Flies can literally take over a home when enabled to continue thriving because simply one pair can produce an excess of 1 million offspring. What ares worse? This can occur in just a few weeks.

Useful Info Regarding Flies

There are more than a billion organisms crawling all over a fly’s body and legs at any given moment, as well as more in their stomach.

Flies will certainly stroll and land on any surface, specifically those with decaying or rotting garbage (even feces) and in turn they easily spread illness.

Flies do not continuously fly due to the fact that they simply have two wings. So every time they land, you can’t observe the thousands of germs that’s quite possibly left. If you see one land on your meal, silverware, dishes, and so on, there might quickly be germs present and need to be cleaned properly to avoid possible health problem from the polluted surface. You could contract food poisoning or other worse diseases such as meningitis.

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